Saturday, 11 October 2008


Well i had a good days rest yesterday, hoping that this Saturday i could spring out of bed and take the kids out, no such luck unfortunatley. I feel all spinny and achy today.. and a little tingly around my cheeks - oddness :-p I think.... yes i just had a complex partial seizure..

Maybe we can all have a relaxed Saturday and go out tomorrow.. although there are no buses then. Hope the kids can keep smiling, they can enjoy the sun in the garden. Steve has just reminded me that they have been a bit ill recently so they could probably do with a non-school, non-itinerary day.

On the plus side yesterday i finished producing a version of Giant BuddhaWheel for Second Life, one that avatars can walk around. We tested it with some friends and it went real well, lots been learnt and joked about. Wonderful!

Sending virtual love, i hope its enough ;-)

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Paula Apodaca said...

It's more than enough, Emily. Thanks for following my blog and thanks ever so much for writing about yourself and about E. You cannot realize how many of us this will help!!!
Cordially, and with all wishes for seizure-free days ahead,
Paula Apodaca