Tuesday, 22 December 2009


What a year 1009 has been! I have been used to my life gradually speeding up as i have grown older but this year has stretched out to feel like at least three. Perhaps it is due to my lazer eye surgery i had last november. My whole experience of things has been changed through this, everthing seeming crisper and having new aspects i could not see before (on many levels). The sea was the thing that got me most if i have to single out something from this new mandala i live in. It sparkled in way it had never done before without the glass reflecting experience away and i was able to walk down to it without worrying about whether my glasses where safe while i was away, leaving clear vision behind and experiencing the seascape as a blur. No, i could walk down to the sea, watch the seagulls and the waves in their fullness, happy to glance at my children knowing they were safe in a moment. It made me more brave to enter the wild sea surrounding the devon coast this summer, even with its chilling promises ^^ Using meditation as a prompt from my shivering state i imagined it to be an ocean of wisdom, my lover and manifestation of blissfull mind and dived right in emerging to watch the cliffs and builders of sandcastles with unclouded eyes. To be able to view my children happy and safe on the beach whilst surrounded by the peaks and troughs of the playful sea made me laugh and cackle, the Kate Bush bird song which lines the bowl of my petit mal joining in with me.

Leaving the council has also made a difference to me, giving me more time to watch and work with my energy. Sharing my sparks of inspiration in Second Life as meditation and querky workshops i have been achieving much more with bodisattva mind work and am growing myself into a fuller beast :-p

A post on another forum finally prompted me to write here... so here is that piece too.. smiles xx

"The interesting aspect of male and female in Buddhism is a celebration of them in their different forms. The male is associated with the Method or Compassion path whereas the female is associated with the Wisdom path. Where lineage is concerned one tends to find mainly male spiritual guides but rather than an indication of them being above women it is more an indication of their propensity to compassion and method - i.e. writing down what teachings and inspirations they have received and establishing systems by which themselves and others should put them into practice. The women are all there in the 'background' delighting in their propensity to wisdom; their wisdom acknowledged as the root of the male translated systems. This also relates to the 'dakini' who dances the path of wisdom in the 'sky', an inspiration for male practitioners and lamas alike."