Thursday, 26 April 2012


Things are going well for me.. my projects are all off the ground and approved by others which make it so much easier to give my energy to them. So that gives me space to think - I'm tired atm, and I had some painting to do. Easy peasy really... i have done the main detail of a piece i just need to fill in and around with black ink but... would my brain let me do it?

Its so wierd how things i find easy and am quite talented at can become a struggle in the space of a minute. Could i paint today? I lacked coordination, carefulness, strength in my hand, awareness of where lines were... yet still i pressed on. I really wanted to get the project to the next stage before I have another deep seizure and perhaps get wiped for a whole day or two... and I can feel it coming (lets hope i finish this post before i forget i ever opened the computer ;))

So i got it done... so i can take a picture for my other blog. But i knocked black ink all over the floor twice (i managed to clean it ok but geez) and i was not able to walk at the end and it took sooo much more energy and concentration than it normally does.

Really strange when normally it would just be a dance of beauty and pleasure...

so there ^^

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